Navigating the Intelligent IoT Landscape

Core Talk pioneers the Cubicon framework, revolutionizing the Internet of Things with a unique graphical programming language and tools designed for the seamless and intelligent interaction of networked devices.

Our Services

Discover the world where technology converses seamlessly, where devices understand and respond, and where the future is being built one intelligent interaction at a time. Core Talk is your compass in the vast and complex realm of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Explore with us:

  • Innovative Insights: Dive into the latest IoT trends, breakthroughs, and technologies that are setting the pace for a smarter world.
  • Expert Analysis: Gain from the knowledge of industry leaders like our editor, Alan Taylor, who brings clarity and foresight to the IoT conversation.
  • Practical Solutions: Learn about the tools and techniques that make IoT accessible and actionable for businesses and developers.

At Core Talk, we don’t just talk about the future – we’re part of creating it. Join our community of thinkers, innovators, and doers.

IoT Architecture Consultation

Our team of experts, led by industry veterans like Alan Taylor, provides personalized guidance on designing and deploying an IoT architecture that meets your specific needs.

We begin by assessing your current infrastructure, identifying potential challenges, and understanding your objectives.

From there, we help you navigate the complexities of device connectivity, data management, and intelligent automation. Our consultation covers critical aspects such as selecting the right protocols, ensuring interoperability among devices, and implementing effective data analytics strategies.

With Core talk, you’ll have a clear roadmap to an IoT architecture that not only supports your current operations but also scales for future growth.

Graphical Programming Language Workshops

Our Graphical Programming Language Workshops are interactive sessions that equip developers with the skills to utilize this innovative language effectively. These workshops are tailored to both beginners and experienced programmers looking to expand their IoT development toolkit.

Participants will learn how to construct programs that visually enable devices to perform complex tasks with minimal coding.

Our hands-on approach ensures that you will leave with practical experience, ready to create more intuitive and powerful IoT applications. By simplifying the programming process, we empower developers to focus on innovation and creativity, paving the way for the next generation of IoT solutions.

Custom IoT App Development

Our team specializes in creating apps that allow devices to communicate seamlessly, perform tasks autonomously, and provide actionable insights to users.

Our development process involves close collaboration with clients to ensure that the final product aligns with their vision and business goals.

We consider every aspect of the user and machine experience, from the user interface to the underlying machine learning algorithms that enable devices to learn and adapt over time.

Whether you’re looking to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, or innovate your services, Core talk has the expertise to bring your IoT app to life.